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Nicole Mason-Dye M.A has been dedicated to helping women and men learn how to live a life free from addiction and build a life they have always wanted without depending on a substance.

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Broken Pieces Recovered Inc. is a Nonprofit organization that is based on Christian principles for women who have challenges in the areas of addiction, low self-esteem, trauma, relationships, parenting, self-discovery, identity, anger, resentments, and forgiveness. Our goal is to help each woman and man reach their greatest potential by providing them with the necessary tools they need to move forward with accomplishing their goals and becoming who God has created them to be.

Individual Therapy

We offer individual therapy for clients ranging from adolescents to elderly adults. We also provide a safe, confidential, and no judgment environment for clients to process.

Group Therapy

Group processing and connecting to a community can be extremely helpful in the healing process. We provide weekly telehealth group meetings as part of our group therapy treatment.


Are you ready to be motivated and encouraged?! Join our FREE weekly workshops! Our classes are instructed by a certified clinician with years of experience in coaching and counseling.

Celebrate Recovery

Beginning in February 2022, Broken Pieces Recovered will be offering weekly celebrate recovery and aftercare groups. These groups will be conducted via zoom. The zoom link will be provided.

Nicole Mason-Dye

My name is Nicole Mason-Dye, and it is an privilege to serve my community. I am a national and master’s level board-certified addictions therapist, certified life coach, and mental health professional with over 9 years of experience in the mental health and addiction field. My degrees include a bachelor’s in psychology and child development and a masters level degree in psychology with a concentration in addiction.

As a professional, I am very passionate about helping each client to succeed. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, please send an appointment request. I look forward to hearing from you

Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to provide a therapeutic experience that is full of compassion, support, and encouragement.  We love people where they are and do not judge them from where they have been.  Broken Pieces Recovered is not just an organization, we are a family.

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Broad-certified addiction therapist, certified life coach, and mental health professional.

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What our customers are saying

Morgan Hailey Jones
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I came into RSU released from Bulloch County Jail and also stuck with guilt and shame that I had used alcohol and drugs over for a long time. I was assigned a counselor that was a match made in heaven. She was gentle but stern. Three years later I still remember the Bad Apple experiment and apply it to my life and recovery today. Basically, it was a hands-on experiment that confirmed that old people, places, and things were not good for the person I wanted to become. I retaliated against people who hurt me in my addiction. I remember one day Mrs. Nicole told me a Bible verse Peter 1 5:8 I didn’t know it then but I know now I was fighting against the wrong enemy. I apply that in my life and recovery today as well. I spent many years of my life getting told what to do and how to live my life by parents, institutes, probation officers, etc. Mrs. Nicole never pressured me to be anyone besides who I wanted to be but she made clear what the consequences would be if I made a bad decision. Sadly, I didn’t stay sober after leaving RSU but the voice of a loving counselor never left me. Today, I live a life filled with love, positivity, and knowledge of trauma. I no longer carry the guilt and shame that I once carried. This is the longest time of sobriety I’ve ever had. I truly believe the person I am today, is because of the love and insight I received from Mrs. Nicole. I can be myself and make decisions without any validation from anyone but myself. I went from being a codependent, instant gratification loving, alcoholic and addict. To a sober independent, patient, and loving mother and sponsor. ~ Morgan Hailey Jones
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Coming into Recovery I was combative, lost, and felt defeated. I went into treatment and I soon found out Nicole Mason Dye was my counselor. She greeted me with a smile and love. She was very gentle, nonjudgmental, and understanding. She always told me that my recovery was what I made of it, and that in God’s will I was going to reunite with my children, just to have faith. Mrs. Nicole gave me HOPE! She had such a positive an impact in my recovery, and I knew this was a divine appointment in having her as my counselor! She poured into me spiritually, and motivated me in making my goals. I am and will always be grateful for her being my counselor and mentor! Thank you Mrs. Nicole!
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As someone who has been receiving mental health counseling for over 20 years, I can say without a doubt that I have never had the success rate in treatment that I have had while working with Nicole. I have developed new coping strategies and methods through my time spent with Nicole, and I have a better understanding of life in general. I am able to accept things as they are and am finally seeing myself in a positive light. Nicole has not only given me the tools necessary for a better life, but she has been a wonderful role model for me. She is a great example of a strong and fearless woman who has achieved her goals through perseverance and hard work. I highly recommend Nicole and her services to anyone who is willing to give themselves a second chance to see all of the beauty that life still has to offer them! -Kali