About Us

Broken Pieces Recovered Inc. is a company that is based on Christian principles for women who have challenges in the areas of addiction, low self-esteem, trauma, relationships, parenting, self-discovery, identity, anger, resentments, and forgiveness. Our goal is to help each woman to reach her greatest potential by providing them with the necessary tools they need to move forward with accomplishing their goals and becoming who God has created them to be.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help each woman to build their lives by using Godly principles that will lead to fulfilling the purpose that God has ordained for them to live.

Meet Our Founder

Hello! Thank you so much for considering services with Broken Pieces Recovered!

My name is Nicole Mason-Dye, and it is an privilege to serve my community. I am a national and master’s level board-certified addictions therapist, certified life coach, and mental health professional with over 9 years of experience in the mental health and addiction field. My degrees include a bachelor’s in psychology and child development and a masters level degree in psychology with a concentration in addiction. I have been dedicated to helping women learn how to live a life free from addiction and build a life they have always wanted without depending on a substance. One of my main goals is to help my clients to learn how to love themselves so they may be able to rebuild solid, strong, and honest relationships with their loved ones as well as establish healthy boundaries and connections with others.

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